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DR. CUTTER is a Windows program, that uses the popular Windows interface style. Its main function is to read an image, resize it, and save it. These images are typically scanned images and fall into one of two categories: 1.) a picture and 2.) a pattern.

DR. CUTTER will allow you to adjust the output size of your image, by allowing you to specify exactly how many stitches and rows you want your patterns to be. This is useful for making a new pattern from a picture.

DR. CUTTER will also allow you to convert a scan of a printed pattern into a knittable pattern quickly. You simply define the edges of the pattern, and the row and stitch count. The output is a file which you may then use in many popular knitting software packages.

DR. CUTTER reads the following file formats:

  • PCX
  • CUT (Dr. Halo format used in Creation 6 and FORM)
  • PAT (DesignAKnit)

DR. CUTTER saves the following file formats:

  • PCX
  • CUT (Dr. Halo format used in Creation 6 and FORM)
  • PAT (DesignAKnit)
  • Mr.Card (Certain cases)

Notice, in its simplest mode, that DR. CUTTER may be used simply as a file converter.

Other features include:

  • Simple editing functions allow you to touch up the final image while the original is still on the screen
  • There is a built in calculator that allows you to specify a stitch count, and calculate the row count. Or specify row count, and calculate the stitch count. You may compensate for any distortion caused by the shape of the knitted stitch. A library of gauges, that you may fill out with swatch sizes from your knitting machine, will help you with this.

System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible
  • MSDOS Version 2.0 or above
  • Windows Version 3.1 or above, this includes Windows 95
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • 31/2" Disk Drive (for installation)
  • Memory: 4 Megs (Minimum), 8 Megs or more (Recommended)
  • Mouse
  • VGA Graphics
  • Color Monitor
  • Scanner (or some other source of images)


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Dr. Cutter   $99.95  

Dr. Cutter Upgrade  $50.00  

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