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A novice user can quickly draw an E6000 or DM80 card by filling in the grid squares displayed on the computer screen. This is done by simply placing the mouse cursor over the desired square and clicking the left mousebutton.

Mr. Card is a knitting design program (for Windows), that allows you to draw E6000 card images, and DM80 templates. (An E6000 is a double bed electronic machine marketed by Passap in the U.S.A. A DM80 is its immediate predecessor; it is a double bed punchcard machine). After drawing a complete card, you can then print out (on a simple dot matrix printer or a laser printer) an E6000 console readable copy of the card. A traceable drawing of a DM80 punch card may also be printed. Of course, you may save the card as a PC data file for future reference.

Mr Card editing window

MR. CARD has many features for the experienced and novice knitter. Multiple colors may be displayed for color separated files. Grid spacing may be changed to 8 to help with Passap console technique design.

Features include:

  • Area Fill and Erase
  • Area Copy and Paste
  • Clipboard Copy
  • Multiple paper sizes
  • File import utility. (Import CUT files, see below)
  • 16 bit and 32 bit versions available. (32 bit allows those great long filenames!)
  • Enhanced file import available as an enhancement option

File Import Utility.

This utility converts CUT file formats into the Mr. Card format. It places the pattern onto the appropriate cards, fills in the side bars automatically, and inserts comments denoting the card position in the overall pattern. If necessary, color separation is performed.

System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible
  • MSDOS Version 2.0 or above
  • 500K Disk Drive Space
  • 31/2" Disk Drive (for installation)
  • Memory: 8 Megabytes (Minimum)
  • Mouse
  • VGA Graphics
  • Color Monitor
  • Current windows printer driver
  • Windows 3.1 or above / Windows 95 or above (Yes, it will run under Windows 98)


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Mr. Card  $99.95  

Mr. Card Upgrade  $50.00  

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