Who is Rose's Knits?

Picture of wallhanging

Rose and Paul Hanus with a knitted wallhanging of the San Francisco Bay Bridge

Paul and Rose Hanus are the principle operators of Rose's Knits.

Paul has a Bachelor's Degree in both Computer Science and Chemistry and is currently designing software.

Rose has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently designing software for aircraft flight simulators specializing in image processing. She began machine knitting in the early 80's.

When personal computers became popular, we became interested in applying our knowledge to knitting. In the software world there are plenty of similarities between our "day job" requirements and the tools we develop for knitting; so our combined experience of over 25 years is a real plus.

Rose also makes glass bead and fiber art. Please check it out here: Spawn of Flame.

The wallhanging was developed by scanning a photo and processing it with KnitPic.

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