RepTile   $49.95  

RepTile is a fun, quick & easy pattern design tool. It lets you draw and see the results in a tiled window -while you draw!

Features include:

  • Open and edit an existing pattern
  • Draw and edit a new pattern
  • Specify horizontal & vertical repeats
  • Add horizontal & vertical borders
  • Delete rows and stitches
  • Shift the pattern both horizontally and vertically
  • Save the basic or repeated pattern at any time.

Here is the basic tile, which would be displayed in the "Basic Unit Window". Here is where you may draw the pattern.

And here is what is displayed in the "Repeat Tile Window".

This particular example was drawn with a Horizontal Repeat of 3 and a Vertical Repeat of 2. A black border with a width of 1 as also added in both the Horizontal and Vertical directions.

Here is just a quick peek at the Control Window, so you may get an idea of the interface. Changing the settings is as simple as clicking on a tab and adjusting the values.

System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible
  • MSDOS Version 2.0 or above
  • 500K Disk Drive Space
  • 31/2" Disk Drive (for installation)
  • Memory: 8 Megabytes (Minimum)
  • Mouse
  • VGA Graphics
  • Color Monitor
  • Current windows printer driver
  • Windows 3.1 or above / Windows 95 or above


The suggested retail price for RepTile is $49.95 US.

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RepTile   $49.95  

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