Software Tools

Here are our software tools.

  • Dr. Cutter - File Conversions, Resize and straighten images.
  • KnitPic - Resize and reduce colors, with dithering options.
  • Mr. Card for Windows - Edit and print console cards for Passap machines in a windows environment.
  • RepTile - Draw patterns and manipulate them interactively while viewing the REPeated TILE version.
  • Thumb Print - Allows you to preview "knitting type" files (as thumbnails). Other utilities too.
  • Be sure to check out our Free Utilities
  • Buy Now!

    Dr. Cutter $99.95
    KnitPic $99.95
    Mr. Card $99.95
    RepTile $49.95
    Thumb Print $79.95
    Mr. Card Upgrade $50.00
    Dr. Cutter Upgrade $50.00

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